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Animal Adoption

Give the gift that gives twice!

Don't delay - adopt today!

With an Animal Adoption at the Australian Reptile Park, you can help provide for the menagerie of wonderful creatures we care for here.  Animals like the Tasmanian devil, Galapagos tortoise, saltwater crocodile, koala, wombat, reticulated python, chameleon and Iguana require daily care from keepers, feeding, heating and more.  Some of our animals are amongst the most endangered in the world and many are part of national and international breeding programs.

Your sponsorship will assist us to cover these basic costs and become involved in vital conservation projects like Devil Ark, the mainland breeding program for the endangered Tasmanian devil.


Bronze $80

Silver $150

Gold $300

Platinum $500


Yes Yes Yes Yes

Fact sheet on your animal *where applicable

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Your name on our website

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Picture of your animal *where applicable

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Monthly newsletter

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1 x ticket to annual thank you BBQ


2 x tickets to annual thank you BBQ


3 x tickets to annual thank you BBQ


4 x tickets to annual thank you BBQ


Discount vouchers for tours

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Meet your adopted animal *where applicable

    Yes Yes


Whilst all of our animals are available for adoption, not all are available for a Meet & Greet, photo or fact sheet.



About the Program
The program runs for a period of 12 months from the date the application is processed. There are 4 adoption packages to choose from and each comes with a list of Adoptee benefits. Every adoptee receives tickets to the annual Animal Adoption BBQ held in November each year. This BBQ is a chance for the Australian Reptile Park Staff and Management to thank the adoptees for their generous support. The BBQ also provides the adoptors the opportunity to get right up close to and, where possible, hold or touch, their adopted animal.


Animal Adoption
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