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Acknowledgements for current adoptions

The Australian Reptile Park would like to thank the following people and organisations for their invaluable support for the Park's Adopt an Animal program. Their generosity will ensure these animals will continue to receive the high standard of care they deserve while also assisting in the implementation of important captive breeding and other conservation and research projects.


Name Address Crtter
In memory of Savanah Rose Chidgey Killarney Vale Laughing Kookaburra
Mirella Baker Port Macquarie Common Wombat
Meg and Dave Anderson Turner, Maine, USA Koala
Jess & Sean Riley Gosford, NSW Tasmanian Devil
Austin Foxall Maraylya Saltwater Crocodile
Thomas Harris Reservoir, VIC Green Iguana
Scott Green Baulkham Hills Common Wombat
Brohdi Easton Ourimbah Tasmanian Devil
Dane Easton Ourimbah Reticulated Python
Kaeden Easton Ourimbah Dingo
Tahlia Easton Ourimbah Blue Tongue Lizard
Erin Medcraft Goulburn Tasmanian Devil
Cohen van Epen Hong Kong Stimson Python
Denise Hancock Port Macquarie Star Tortoise
Louis Gallagher Luton, England Common Wombat
Hugo Gallagher Luton, England Galapagos Tortoise
Oliver Horlock Melbourne Eastern Bluetongue
Benjamin Jenkins Bathurst Tasmanian Devil
Lyn Francis North Arm Cove Olive python
Hilda & Roy Fowler Narara Tasmanian Devil
Azalea and Shira Akbarian Kariong Platypus
Ann Clemens Perth Tasmanian Devil
Hunter Andersen-King St Peters Burmese python
Ray & Peg Allen Maitland Tasmanian Devil
Rozalie Hardy Morwell Dingo
Laura Jauneau Caen Common Wombat
Val and Denis Culpan Auburn Green and Gold bell frog and Tasmanian devil
Jane Harris Gosford Koala
Jamie Leeton Regent honeyeater
Ram Shankar Shanmugam Westmead Barn Owl
Sue Nolan Bensville Mountain Pygmy possum
Grace Cho-Triganza Sydney Galapagos Tortoise
GINA MAYES SHOAL BAY Feathertail Glider
Hayley McKeown Gooburrum Burmese python
Daniel Hodge Deniliquin Sydney Funnel-web Spider
Sally Myers Stanhope Gardens Red-back Spider
Yen Lay Pyrmont Tasmanian Devil
Ethan McKeown Bundaberg Feathertail Glider
Jay Wallis tuggerawong Frilled Neck Lizard
Jackye Longton Buderim Common Wombat
Lucas Jobson ACT Komodo Dragon
Sally Myers Sydney Bird-eating Spider
Josh Cracknell Singapore Common Wombat
Isabel Cracknell Singapore Burmese python
Jay 'Judith' Best Sydney Eastern Brown Snake
Jamelia Barnes Pottsville Tasmanian Devil
Juniors at Wadalba Wadalba Koala
Juniors at Wadalba Wadalba Common Wombat
Oscar Maher Dudley Galapagos Tortoise
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