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Marbled Scorpion

Scientific Name: Lychas marmoreus

Did You Know?

That all scorpions are cannibals? We know this because cannibalism has been observed by many researchers.This species can cause a painful sting but is considered to be mostly harmless.

The little marbled scorpion at just 35mm in length is one of the most commonly encountered scorpion species in Australia, as it happily lives in many urban environments as well as natural habitats. This species has been know to wander into houses, causing alarm when discovered hiding under everyday household objects.This species is easily recognized by its mottled appearance and slender body.


These little scorpions can be found sheltering under the bark of trees, in leaf litter, under rocks or under fallen logs (and sometimes in houses) across southern Australia.


The Marbled Scorpion lives on a diet of small insects but seems particularly fond of termites.


As with other scorpions, the young are produced alive and are creamy white at birth.

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