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Bavay’s gecko

Scientific Name: Eurydactylodes Vieillardi

Did You Know?

When threatened, the Bavay’s gecko secretes a foul-smelling greasy goo from under its tail.

These cute little geckos are only found on the island of New Caledonia. They grow 6-10 centimetres long and are a light brown, grey or olive colour with lighter rosettes on the body and darker banding on the tail. The geckos have big, yellowish coloured ear-holes on either side of their head. They love climbing and though nocturnal, are often out during the day, as they don’t always hide.


Found on the main island of New Caledonia, the Bavay’s gecko lives in rain forests and open forests. They are arboreal (tree dwelling) but also like shrubs. Their habitat is at risk from development and introduced fire ants.


Insects, fruit, nectar and sap.


Females lay two eggs in the leaf litter.

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