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Devil Ark

Devil Ark - Giving hope to the endangered Tasmanian devil

Devil Ark is a Tasmanian devil breeding facility in the NSW Barrington Tops that is currently home to around 170 Tasmanian devils. Founder John Weigel, also owner of the Australian Reptile Park, built Devil Ark in 2010 to house large numbers of Tassie devils living in natural conditions.

The species is under threat of extinction from Devil Facial Tumour Disease, an insidious contagious cancer that is transmitted by biting. Unfortunately for the devil, they bite frequently when feeding, socialising and mating, so the disease has spread quickly, reducing numbers by a massive 90% in some parts of Tasmania.

The facility sees two full time keepers tend to the devils in their huge free range enclosures. The devils are kept in wild conditions so they retain their natural traits, giving them the best chance of long term survival. Devil Ark sits at 1,400m high, so the landscape at Devil Ark perfectly mimics their native Tasmania, ensuring the devils feel right at home through all seasons, even when it snows in winter!


Devil Ark is part of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program, which sees 35 zoos breeding disease free devils that will repopulate Tasmania once DFTD has run its destructive course. With no cure or vaccine in sight, extinction now seems inevitable with insurance breeding populations the best chance for the devil's survival. Once the devil is gone, so too is the disease.

Devil Ark is by far the largest and most successful facility and couldn't have achieved what it has to date without its founding partners FAME, Ellerston, NSW Department of Environment and Heritage, ZAA (Zoo & Aquarium Association), the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program and its biggest support, the Australian Reptile Park.

Without significant and ongoing funding, Devil Ark relies on public donations to continue its fight to save the devil. It is a registered charity and there are many donation options available. Click here to find out more.

CLICK HERE to watch a short appeal from Tim Faulkner!

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