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Meet Hugo the galapagos tortoise Pet a friendly, fluffy wombat Have a picnic with a family of star tortoises Meet a cuddly  koala - so cute you'll die! Oooo... It's a snake! Bilby Cute little Devils A tastey meal Play in the park

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School Excursions


At the Australian Reptile Park we believe in mixing education with fun and the result is an exciting day that will be remembered for years!  Our shows are designed for years K-6 and an excursion to the Reptile Park is truly a hands-on experience!


Prices / Ratio:

Students: $13.00

Teacher ratio: 1:8 for Years 1-6 and 1:5 for Kindergarten.

Each teacher/ parent helper within the ratio gains free entry!

Additional adults are $20.00 per person.

*minimum 30 students, maximum of 120 students per excursion


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Animals we may feature in our school shows include:

Koala - Alligator - Burmese python - Spotted python - Corn snake - Bearded dragon - Blue Tongue Lizard - Tawny frogmouth 
With added options of either frogs, Tasmanian devil or spiders

**Please note that animals are rotated for use in shows depending on availability**

  • Loads of interaction in our educational animal shows for K-2 or 3-6
  • See koalas, alligators, pythons and much more!
  • Tailored to suit preferred syllabus based outcomes

What teachers are saying:

The students had a great day seeing first-hand Australia’s native animals.  They enjoyed the show and the experience of seeing the animals up close and getting to touch them as well.  The staff were friendly and the overall experience was fantastic. St Anthony’s Primary, Girraween

It was a fabulous day for teachers, parents and students.  It is very relaxing for teachers, as the Park is well set out and many staff are available to talk to and explain the animals.  The children were kept very busy with the many exhibits you have to offer. Point Clare Public School

The students and teachers loved the hands-on approach.  The Park is well maintained and fun for all. St Therese's New Lambton

We had a wonderful day.  The Park seems to improve each year.  Everything is clean and tidy and the animals seem very happy and content.  Beaumont Hill Public School

Shows are on at 10.30am and 12.30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and 10am, 10.45am and 12.30pm on Wednesday and Thursday.

For further information, please contact our Education Officer Stacey

Address: Pacific Highway
Somersby NSW 2250
Phone No: 02 4340 1022
Email Address:


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