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School Incursions

The Australian Reptile Park, can come to your school with our interactive, fun and hands-on program to give your students a better understanding and appreciation of the diversity and importance of the world’s creatures and the vital role they play in the well being of the planet - for the very affordable price of only $8.00 per student (minimum size 120 students).

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The Australian Reptile Park’s Wildlife Educator, Ranger Mick (aka Michael Tate), has been captivating audiences for many years,  bringing his humorous and effective approach to education  to schools throughout NSW. As popular as ever, his shows are fresh, fun and exciting.

Ranger Mick’s Reptile Spectacular is an evolutionary tale, enhanced by live snakes, lizards and crocodilians. He explores current topics relating to the conservation of wildlife, the preservation of Australian ecosystems, and the remarkable life of reptiles. 

Ranger Mick will visit your school with a wide range of animals including a giant Burmese python, lizards, turtles, a funnel web spider and ‘Rosie’ the American alligator.  His 80 minute hands-on show includes an educational reptile session, safety and first aid demonstration, and a question and answer session.


 Teacher Testimonials:

 “Ranger Mick was fantastic! What a patient, informative educator! Will be  booking again in 2014” 

 “Mick is very good, passionate and knowledgeable" 

 “Very entertaining and informative. I loved that the children could interact with  the animals” 

 “Great interactive presentation; very funny and enlightening"

 "Outstanding!!  Mick has a marvellous knowledge base and is very educational"




For all ENQUIRIES, please contact our Education Officer Stacey:

Address: Pacific Highway
Somersby NSW 2250
Phone No: 02 4340 1022
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