The Australian Reptile Park and Wildlife Sanctuary
Meet Hugo the galapagos tortoise Pet a friendly, fluffy wombat Have a picnic with a family of star tortoises Meet a cuddly  koala - so cute you'll die! Oooo... It's a snake! Bilby Cute little Devils A tastey meal Play in the park

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The Australian Reptile Park maintains and displays a wide range of mammals from around Australia.

What is a Monotreme?

A monotreme is a very primitive type of mammal found only in Australia and New Guinea. They are regarded as an important link between mammals and more ancient groups such as birds and reptiles. The reason for this is that, although they suckle their young with milk as other mammals do, the young are born as eggs that are incubated by the mother until hatching.

What Is a Marsupial?

A marsupial is an animal which is part of the mammalian subclass Marsupialia. The main difference between these and other mammals is the way they give birth to their young. Traditional mammals are also known as placental mammals because they give birth to well developed babies that have been maintained in the womb for a certain time where they have been nurtured through the mother's placenta. Marsupials, on the other hand, give birth to very undeveloped offspring and the baby stays within the pouch of its mother until it matures to the age where it can leave the pouch. Australia is mostly populated by marsupials but there are a few placental land mammals such as bats, including flying foxes, and rodents.

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