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Our Carbon Footprint




At the Australian Reptile Park, we are committed to improving our environmental performance.

For the past four years, the Reptile Park has been using recycled alligator lagoon water to irrigate park grounds and most of its outside animal enclosures. 

Thanks to the Office of Environment and Heritage, we are now harvesting rainwater from the roof of the Park's main building for use in Elvis the crocodile's pool and all internal display tanks. The rainwater is harvested to a 107KL underground tank.


Our water goal was to use less than the previous year, despite our growing visitation. We have two sources for water at the Park. One is mains water and the other is a 100 kilolitre water tank that collects rainwater. The graph shows an increase of 749 kilolitres which is a negative result. This is due to our rainwater tank only collecting 640 kilolitres compared to 800 kilolitres the previous year. This is 160 kilolitres less and is due to the lower level of rainfall, as the previous year produced a far greater amount of rain. This put pressure on the Park to use more mains water, hence the negative result. We are not disappointed with this outcome, especially considering the external factors that were out of our control. We introduced regular monitoring for mains water during the qualifying period. Our maintenance staff come in early once a month to assess mains water usage, testing at 6am, then again at 7am, before anyone uses water. They can pick up an anomaly quickly and the system has since identified two burst pipes which were fixed immediately, so has proved to be a simple, yet effective monitoring system. We also recycle water from our alligator lagoon to our external exhibits.


Our electricity goal was to use the same amount of electricity despite two new exhibits and the graph shows a reduction of 7,619 kilowatt hours. We achieved this in many ways. We installed section metres that enabled us to look at individual usage in high usage areas such as the kiosk and we monitored and modified where necessary. We use an external company that help us manage our electricity consumption. They are a broker that also help us get the best price for our electricity. We put gas on in 2011 and this had a dramatic effect on our usage. Gas is more efficient and half the price of power and long term will save the Park a considerable amount of money.



Every day, there are simple things we can do around the home to save water and money, and help the environment.


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ARP Water Savings at Project End 2011/2012


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