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Spider First Aid & Drop-off Points

What you need to know about spiders

There are five spiders that regularly cause concern to members of the public in this area. Of these only the funnel-webs and red-backs are currently considered dangerous though there are others, such as mouse spiders, which are rarely encountered but potentially dangerous. Any spider larger in size than a dollar coin should be treated with respect, as all spiders have venom glands, though only the large species have fangs able to puncture human skin. The following safety rules apply to all spiders:

  1. Do not leave clothes, shoes, towels, etc. on the floor
  2. Check shoes before putting them on
  3. Do not walk about at night without footwear
  4. Do not handle spiders that appear to have drowned in pools, buckets, etc.
  5. Wear gloves when gardening or working outside

First Aid

  1. Keep the bite victim calm and immobile.
  2. For a funnel-web bite, apply a pressure-immobilization bandage to the bite site and the adjacent limb. For example, a bite on the finger should be treated by bandaging the entire arm. Further restrict movement by applying a splint.
  3. For a red-back bite, the only first aid required is the application of an ice pack to the bite site to reduce the pain.
  4. Seek emergency medical assistance immediately.

Common Australian Spiders

FUNNEL-WEB SPIDER ( Atrax sp. and Hadronyche sp.)

RED-BACKED SPIDER ( Latrodectus hasselti )

WHITE-TAILED SPIDER ( Lampona cylindrata )


HUNTSMAN SPIDER (Various species)

Drop-off Points for Spider Anti-Venom Program

Region Collection Point Area Hours


New Lambton Heights

John Hunter Hospital

Lookout Rd, New Lambton Heights

Pathology 24hrs 7 days

Belmont Hospital

550-560 Croudace Bay Rd, Belmont

Pathology or Emergency

24hrs 7 days 


Central Coast


Gosford Hospital

Racecourse Rd, Gosford

Pathology Mon-Fri 9-5pm
Sat/Sun 9-3pm

Wyoming Veterinary Hospital

24 Cary Street, Wyoming

Vet Rooms 24hrs 7 days

Wyong Hospital

Pacific Highway, Wyong

Emergency 24hrs 7 days



Greencross Vets

Inside Pet Barn

60 Winbourne Rd, Brookvale                  


Mon-Wed/Fri  8:30-7pm

Thu 8:30 - 8pm

Sat 9-3pm

Sun 9-12pm


Sutherland Hospital

The Kingsway, Caringbah

Emergency 24hrs 7 days

Hornsby Hospital

Palmerston Rd, Hornsby

Reception 24hrs 7 days

Mona Vale Veterinary Hospital    

22 Park St, Mona Vale                                                                              


Mon-Fri 8-7pm

Sat 8-12pm


Westmead Public Hospital                    

Cnr Hawkesbury Rd & Darcy Rd, Westmead                                                                       

Entomology Department Mon-Fri 9-5pm

Hawkesbury City Council,

George St, Windsor

Environment & Development Counter Mon-Wed/Fri 8.30-5pm
Thurs 8.30-7.30pm

Instructional video on how to safely catch a spider:

How to safely catch a spider
Spider ID's and Drop offs
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