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Reptiles on the Road


A show, a rove or a presentation!


 If you’re holding an event and are looking for some  entertainment of the reptilian kind, the Australian  Reptile Park  is here to help!!!

 We can provide reptiles for events ranging from corporate dinners to school fundraisers which may include:

  - Around 5 reptiles including snakes, lizards, turtles and  an  awesome American alligator, almost 1 mtr in length!

  - A 30 min Reptile Show

  - Roving through the crowd with reptiles


Prices start at $800 + GST for a half day (four hours) and $1,600  + GST for a full day (eight hours). Price includes two staff  members and travel time to and from the venue.  Quotes for large reptiles and all mammals are upon application.

*Please note a surcharge of 20% applies on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Call (02) 4340 1022 or email  for more information.



If you’re a Central Coast community group looking for a presentation by a animal keeper, we’re happy to send an expert who will provide a 30minute presentation on your species of interest. If your local group would like to book a keeper, the cost is $350 + GST and for this price, your community group or organisation will adopt an animal of your choice at the Reptile Park for one year! The money raised from animal adoptions goes towards our many worthy conservation projects.

Call (02) 4340 1022 or email for more information.


Download brochure here.

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