The Australian Reptile Park and Wildlife Sanctuary
Meet Hugo the galapagos tortoise Pet a friendly, fluffy wombat Have a picnic with a family of star tortoises Meet a cuddly  koala - so cute you'll die! Oooo... It's a snake! Bilby Cute little Devils A tastey meal Play in the park

The Best Family FUN Day OUT


The Australian Reptile Park is the perfect location for a team building event with a difference!!! Escorted by our Boot Camp master, teams will have the opportunity to fulfil their greatest fears and score points by:

  • Which team can retrieve the most coins from a jar full of live meal worms?
  • Who can sit a giant stick insect on their head?
  • Which team will best match the poo to the animal?
  • Feed the cranky Tawny Frog Mouth
  • Which team will win reptile trivia?
  • Which team can best match the footprint to the animal?
  • Which team can best apply a bandage to a snake bite victim?
  • Could you hold a Burmese python?
  • Who will win the spoon and worm race?

Plus, build in a wonderful “behind the scenes” 90 min tour, which is fully escorted by a Keeper. During this time, your group will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with an array of animals from all over the world. They’ll feed lizards such as chameleons, have their photo taken with a koala, giant python or a wombat, hold snakes, lizards and alligators. They will witness a funnel web milking and be taken behind the scenes into the venom room where some of the deadliest snakes in the world are kept!

Also available - Feed Elvis the crocodile (NSW’s largest and crankiest croc!) We can organise morning tea, lunch (BBQ or gourmet sandwiches), afternoon tea or a BBQ dinner.

If you can’t make it to us - no problem - we’ll come to you!!! We can bring hair-raising creatures to your business place or event anywhere in NSW. It’s an awesome experience!!!

Fabulous feedback:

We had an absolute ball at your reptile park.    The behind the scene tour was so informative and “hands on”.   The team building games were great fun. (Can’t believe my boss ate a meal worm – lol).  We would highly recommend your park and tour to our family and friends. Lisa Lovegreen - R.P. Campbell Associates  

It’s an awesome experience!!! For more information and prices, call

(02) 4340 1022 or email

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