The Australian Reptile Park and Wildlife Sanctuary
Meet Hugo the galapagos tortoise Pet a friendly, fluffy wombat Have a picnic with a family of star tortoises Meet a cuddly  koala - so cute you'll die! Oooo... It's a snake! Bilby Cute little Devils A tastey meal Play in the park

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Address: Pacific Highway
Somersby NSW 2250
Phone No: 02 4340 1022
Alternate Phone No: +612 4340 1022
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Dinosaurs Alive takes centre stage at Australian Reptile Park in Dec-Jan School Holidays
Alligators bellowing - mating season has begun!
The Australian Reptile Park
Emu chicks - November 2015
How to safely catch a spider
Devil Ark needs your help!
Devil on a hot day!
How to catch a reticulated python!
Elvis eats lunch!
Milking a Venemous snake!
Tarantula Feeding!
How anti-venom is made!
Devil Ark Introduction 6mins
Devil Ark Documentary Part 1 Oct 2013
Devil Ark Documentary Part 2 Oct 2013
Devil Ark Documentary Part 3 Oct 2013
Devil Ark Documentary Part 4 Oct 2013
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