Experience the wonder of wildlife, virtually!

At the Australian Reptile Park, we believe in mixing education with fun and the result is an exciting virtual lesson that will be remembered for years!

Just because you can’t leave the classroom, it doesn’t mean you can’t experience the wonders of wildlife with your students! At the Australian Reptile Park, we like to make education fun. Our show “Living Things in Their Natural Environment” is catered to suit curriculum needs and outcomes whilst providing the highest level of student engagement, virtually.

The Australian Reptile Park’s Virtual Excursions are highly educational and structured around key curriculum learnings. These 30-minute sessions are live, interactive and hosted via Zoom. Animals we may feature in our Virtual Excursions are: Koala, Tawny frogmouth, Alligator, and a variety of lizards and pythons.

Price: $150 per lesson
Group limit: One classroom per lesson (up to 30 students)

Duration: 25-minute lesson with a 5-minute Q&A session at the end (30 minutes total)
Available Days/Times: Monday – Friday with sessions at 9:30am during regular school sessions


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