“A legacy isn’t only what you leave to the world. A legacy is also what you give to the world.”

A charitable bequest could be the most important gift you ever make — and one of the easiest. Any donation, no matter the amount, helps us to keep looking after our many species of animals here at the Australian Reptile Park. As a privately-owned zoo, funds are raised through gate entry, animal adoptions, general sales, tours and donations from the public.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Please note: The Australian Reptile Park is not a charitable organisation therefore your gift is not tax deductible.

How would you like to be remembered?

Our lives are always being influenced by the actions of the past and present. A legacy donation is an opportunity to help support a cause you are passionate about, making a timeless difference to generations to come. You can feel empowered and be confident knowing your gift, big or small will help secure a long-term future for our threatened wildlife.

Our promise to you

If you choose to leave us a gift in your Will, we promise to:

  • Honour your wishes

  • Respect that a decision as important as this needs time – how and when you choose to write it is personal to you.

  • Understand that you might change your mind – circumstances can change, and you have the freedom to reconsider your decision at any time.

  • Honour your privacy – we would like to acknowledge your generosity but will only give you the recognition you are comfortable with.

  • Ensure your gift is used in the most effective way.

  • Continue to communicate and update you with the latest information on our programs and achievements.

What kind of gift can I make?

While we have provided suggested wording below, we suggest you seek advice from a solicitor when drafting your will as the wording is very important in ensuring your wishes are clear. Your solicitor will provide details about different types of bequests and what they may mean for you and your family. For example, you may choose to leave the Australian Reptile Park a specific sum of money, a gift of property, a percentage of your estate, or a residual bequest (i.e. whatever is left after all other gifts to family and friends have been deducted from your estate).

What should I do next?

  • Choose the family, friends and charities/ organisations that you would like to remember in your Will.
  • Talk it over with your family and loved ones. Share your wishes with them.
  • Visit a solicitor to have your Will written or updated.
  • Please let us know if you have made a decision to leave a donation in your Will to the Australian Reptile Park. We may be able to assist you in ensuring your legacy is left to the area you are most passionate about.

Sample Wording

Using the wording below helps ensure that your gift is used in the way you intend.

‘I give to Australian Reptile Park (ABN 87 003 138 047) free of all taxes and other deductions the residue of my estate / ___% share of my estate for its general purposes, and the receipt given on behalf of Australian Reptile Park shall be sufficient discharge to my Trustee.’

Legal Details

Your solicitor will require the following information to include a donation to the Australian Reptile Park in your Will:
Registered Name: Australian Reptile Park Pty Ltd
ABN: 87 003 138 047
Address: PO Box 737, Gosford, NSW 2250

For information about the types of gifts you can make and the appropriate wording to use please, contact reception via
telephone (02) 4340 1022 or email admin@reptilepark.com.au