From koalas to kangaroos; learn more about these fluffy friends!



Sometimes scary but always interesting; find out about these intriguing animals



Did you know that amphibians can breathe through their skin? Find out more fun facts about these semi-aquatic species



Australia has an incredible variety of bird species. Discover more about our feathered friends.



Australia has some of the deadliest spiders in the world!


Venom Program

The Australian Reptile Park is world renown for its snake and spider venom milking program, which contributes to the production of lifesaving antivenom.


Animal Adoption

Our animals require daily care from keepers including feeding, heating and much more. Your sponsorship will assist us to cover these basic costs and become involved in vital conservation projects.


Reptiles As Pets

Considering getting a reptile as a pet? Make sure you read this first!