The Australian Reptile Park has taken their short-beaked echidnas for their yearly health check-up at Somersby Animal Hospital, with the team from the Animal Eye Clinic also on hand to perform an eye check. The check-up process includes a thorough examination of the echidnas’ overall health, as well as a specific eye check to ensure that the echidnas have healthy eyesight.

During the health check, the echidnas undergo a range of tests and examinations to ensure that they are in good health. This includes weighing the echidnas to monitor their body condition, checking their feet to ensure that they are healthy and free from any injuries or infections, and examining their spines to ensure that they are in good condition.

“The annual health check is a crucial part of our commitment to providing the best possible care to all our animals,” said Hewin Hochkins, Head Mammal Keeper at the Australian Reptile Park. “Our experienced Keepers work closely with the veterinary team to ensure that the echidnas are calm and comfortable throughout the check-up process.”

The Animal Eye Clinic’s Dr Paul McCarthy was fascinated by the echidnas, stating “Echidna eyes are unique in that they contain features of both reptilian and mammalian eyes. We performed routine ophthalmic testing which included measuring intraocular pressure, tear production and examining the eyes for cataracts or other lesions. Fortunately, they all had normal eyes”.

“It is not often we get the opportunity to work with these unique species and it is definitely one of my favourite aspects of the job”, Dr McCarthy added.

The short-beaked echidnas are a beloved attraction at the park, and their health and welfare are of utmost importance. The annual check-up helps the park staff to detect any underlying health issues that may require attention, and also ensures that the echidnas are healthy and happy.

“Our partnership with Somersby Animal Hospital and the Animal Eye Clinic is crucial in ensuring the wellbeing of our echidnas,” added Hochkins. “We are grateful for their expertise and commitment to animal welfare.”