Love is truly in the air this Valentine’s Day at the Australian Reptile Park as Elsa the world-famous koala, finds that she has a secret admirer amongst the male koala population. In hope that his love for her will ‘blossom’, Gundy, the koala, has gifted Elsa a very fitting Valentine’s Day gift to win her heart – the most beautiful fresh bouquet of pink and red eucalyptus blossoms!

So his identity remains a love mystery for now, Mammals keeper Lauren Hunter, gifted the bouquet on his behalf. Elsa’s favourite snack is eucalyptus blossom, so it’s safe to say that she absolutely adored the bunch of flowers she received! From afar, Gundy could see that his advances had paid off, as Elsa munched on the massive bunch of flowers all day long.

Keeper Lauren expressed that she “couldn’t be happier to see the love that Gundy has for Elsa. They’re both beautiful koalas and would make the most perfect couple. We have plans to pair them together for this year’s breeding season, and hopefully there will soon be a little joey along the way!”

Proud of being an active supporter of wildlife conservation, the Australian Reptile Park continues to breed koalas to help boost population numbers for the endangered species. The program also seeks to educate visitors about koalas and with last years’ breeding season seeing more joeys born into the program, staff hopes 2023’s additional joeys and heightened awareness helps protect the species from extinction.

Ms Hunter continues, “It’s more important now than ever to show the world just how special our koalas are and the importance of our crucial conservation breeding program. If this video encourages just one person to donate towards koalas and their protection, then we can say we have spread the love this Valentine’s Day!”

Visitors can see Elsa and Gundy the koalas in the koala exhibit at the Australian Reptile Park. They live amongst the wildlife sanctuary’s population of 40+ koalas and are a part of one of the most successful breeding programs for the species in Australia.