Elvis has entered the building at the Australian Reptile Park to feed the award-winning sanctuary’s resident Rock-n-(death)Rolling star Elvis the crocodile. In a hilarious video released by the Park online today to coincide with the release of the Elvis biopic by Baz Luhrmann, Operations Manager Billy Collett suited up in Elvis’ classic jumpsuit to feed Australia’s crankiest croc.

The fun continues across the weekend (25th & 26th June) with staff dressed as Elvis feeding his crocodilian namesake at 1:30pm each day. No stranger to fame himself, Elvis the crocodile delights visitors to the Reptile Park with his unpredictability and impressive feeding displays. Elvis gained world-wide attention in 2011 when he stole his keeper’s lawnmower, earning him the title of Australia’s Crankiest Crocodile. Since then, many of Elvis’ videos online find themselves going viral and he has become loved all over the world.

Commenting on the extremely dangerous activity of feeding Elvis the crocodile, Operations Manager Billy Collett said, “Crocodiles are superior hunters, and they possess larger than average sized teeth and a jaw capable of crushing the bones of large prey”, which Collett says, “the bone crunching sound makes my bones shudder.”

Elvis came to The Australian Reptile Park in 2007 from the Northern Territory where he was causing havoc to fisherman’s boats in Darwin Harbour. He has a reputation for keeping staff on their toes, so the process of giving him such a large food item needs to be cautiously thought out and is extremely dangerous.

Elvis the crocodile acts as an ambassador for Saltwater crocodiles and one of the most popular animals at the Australian Reptile Park. By having such a large profile, he serves to provide people with a connection to saltwater crocodiles and educates his fans of the importance of saltwater crocodiles in the environment.

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