“I’ve got one word to say to you!” The Australian Reptile Park are proud to announce the names of their new emu chicks after a global naming competition – move over Fountain Lakes! Introducing the foxiest chicks on the Central Coast – Kath and Kim the Emus!

The names couldn’t be more fitting for the sassy pair, spotted constantly strutting around the Australian Reptile Park chirping away about current events. They also have a very decadent taste, always ensuring to eat the carrot and yummier treats in their food before the lesser exciting (but healthy and nutritious!) greens.

Park Director Tim Faulkner says “We are so excited to finally have found fitting names for our sassy little emu chicks. We all think Kath & Kim are the perfect names for our newest family members. I love watching visitors meet them for the first time, they’re full of personality!”

“At the Australian Reptile Park, we love getting the community involved and it was great to see so many people sending through their suggestions.”

Mr Faulkner goes on to say “Australia is world renowned for our beautiful native wildlife that we can introduce to our visitors. Kath and Kim have been perfect little ambassadors for Emus and a great reminder for Australian’s to slow down on our roads and protect emus for one of their most common threats – road strikes.