Happy (almost) Halloween! The Australian Reptile Park’s newest resident, Estrella the Galapagos tortoise, has enjoyed her first Halloween in Australia by feasting on a huge jack-o-lantern, adorned with her favourite flowers – hibiscus!

In a video released by the Australian Reptile Park, Estrella can be seen feasting on the carved pumpkin as she quickly devours it. Pumpkin is a special treat for Galapagos tortoises as they enjoy the different smells, taste and look of the festive treat.

After a long journey across the world and months in quarantine, Estrella is settling in well to her new home at the Australian Reptile Park on the NSW Central Coast. Earlier this month, she was was finally introduced to her boyfriend Hugo when she moved into their shared exhibit. The pair are getting along famously, and Hugo has taken a very special liking to his new roommate.

Head of Reptiles, Daniel Rumsey, said, “We always get into the Halloween spirit at the Australian Reptile Park, and we thought it was only fitting to feature Estrella as she celebrates her first Halloween in Australia!”

Rumsey continues, “Most Galapagos tortoises enjoy hibiscus but Estrella absolutely LOVES them! We decided to use hibiscus to decorate her special Halloween pumpkin and it went down a treat!”

“Hugo and Estrella have been getting along great so far and it’s wonderful to see the pair finally interacting after such a long courtship. They’re definitely the Reptile Park’s hottest couple!” Rumsey concluded.
The Australian Reptile Park has REOPENED and as a COVID-Safe business, will be observing all Government rules to keep its staff and visitors safe. As well as the chance to reconnect with nature after months stuck at home, visitors will be able to redeem their Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers at the Park – both at Reception and the on-site kiosk, the Hard Croc Café.