The Australian Reptile Park’s Snake Safety Awareness Seminars provides both individuals and corporate groups a three-hour educational seminar on Australia’s venomous snake species, how to prevent snake bite and correct first aid techniques.

All sessions are run by experienced venomous snake handlers who are highly trained in snake and spider identification and emergency procedures for bites.

An expert’s in their fields, our expert staff deliver the Australian Reptile Park’s snake safety awareness message to a wide audience through countless media appearances, educational talks and seminars. The Australian Reptile Park is the sole supplier of terrestrial snake and funnel web spider venoms for the nation’s antivenom program – a tradition that has been in place since the 1950’s.

Each seminar covers:

  • Overview of Australia’s venomous snake species

  • Snake habitats

  • Venomous snake behaviour

  • Camouflage techniques used by venomous snakes

  • How snakes react to disturbance and defensive responses

  • Assessment of a specific site and advice on possible risk areas (if required)

  • Breeding and other peak activity periods

  • What to do if confronted by an angry snake

  • First aid techniques – what to do if bitten

  • Symptoms of a snake bite

  • A venomous snake milking demonstration

Cost: $149.99 per person
3 hours
Australian Reptile Park
Seminar and entry to Australian Reptile Park
10 people
Maximum: 20 people
Surcharges: A surcharge of 20% applies on Sundays and a surcharge of 30% applies on public holidays. Available during business hours 9am – 5pm (surcharges apply outside of these hours)

Email Reception to Enquire About Snake Safety Awareness Seminars