The Australian Reptile Park’s oldest resident, Hugo the 71-year-old Galapagos tortoise, has once again attempted to show off his prophetic powers to predict the outcome of tomorrow’s Federal election. Given the choice of two plates of food to represent each candidate, there was a shocking result in which no one could have predicted!

Occasionally known as ‘Hugo the Oracle’, the 185kg tortoise was presented with two plates of identical leafy greens, one with a photo of Scott Morrison, representing the Coalition and the other with Anthony Albanese, representing the Labor party.

Hugo, who has seen 16 Prime Ministers in his lifetime, meandered towards the candidates, appearing indecisive as he initially made his way towards Morrison but then took a sharp turn towards Albanese.

In a shock turn of events, just as he was about to make his prediction, Hugo spotted his girlfriend Estrella off in the distance as she was on her morning walk through the Park.

Blinded by love, Hugo bypassed both plates food and headed straight for Estrella the Galapagos tortoise and the pair shared a special treat of sweet potato together.

Head Reptile Keeper, Jake Meney, remarked at the outcome of today’s prediction (or lack thereof), stating, “Over the years, Hugo’s made his predictions for the outcomes of elections, State of Origins and World Cups but to be honest, he doesn’t have the best track record. His accuracy rate is sitting at around 50% and his predictions aren’t always decisive.”

In his bachelor days, before Estrella’s arrival, Hugo accurately predicted the outcome of both the 2013 and 2016 Federal elections with his initial choice of candidate. However, in both instances, the second plate of food was devoured shortly thereafter, indicating that his potential predilection to be a swing voter.

Mr Meney continued, “For a moment there, it looked like he had made his choice but when he saw Estrella, I knew it was all over. When he sees her, something just comes over him and he can’t resist!”

“I guess it’s just too close to call for the election this weekend and Hugo’s chosen love over politics,” Mr Meney concluded.

Hugo is the oldest resident currently living at the Australian Reptile Park and has called the wildlife sanctuary near Gosford, just north of Sydney, home since 1963.  At 71 years old, he has reached middle age and is expected to live well over 150 years. At 185kgs, he is fully grown and one of the Australian Reptile Park’s most iconic animals.

After the pair met on Tinder in 2019, Hugo and Estrella finally met in October 2021 after years of waiting.  Estrella was due to arrive in Australia from Germany in early 2020, but due to complications in travel and COVID-19, it was put off until she could safely reach Australian shores.

Visitors can see Hugo and his girlfriend Estrella at the Australian Reptile Park and even accompany Hugo on his daily walk at 11:00am. Guests looking for a more personal experience can book a Behind the Scenes tour where they can meet the tortoises, enter their enclosure, feed them and give them lots of pats.