A massive American Alligator was relocated by Keepers at the Australian Reptile Park this morning after rapidly rising water levels allowed him to swim over an internal boundary fence, causing him to be stuck between fences.

After spending the morning managing torrential rain with yet another abnormal weather event, reptile keepers were alerted to a male American alligator in need of relocating. Keepers moved fast to undertake the incredibly dangerous task to get him back over the fence, joining the 55 alligators in the lagoon.

Jake Meney, the Head Reptile Keeper who led the risky task, said, “You never really know the temperament of an alligator so although this guy was pretty happy to be relocated, we have to be prepared for him change his mind at any stage.” He continued “This dangerous task was heightened even more by the torrential rain that did not let up, making the ground and the gator incredibly slippery.”

“We found him in a tricky spot this morning before the Park opened. Although there was no danger of him breaching the main boundary fence near visitors, there was still no way he would have been able to get back into the lagoon on his own,” Jake continued.

Increasing instances of these abnormal weather events mean that Keepers are constantly on the lookout to ensure the best care for their animals and staff, no matter the situation.

In addition to the dramatic relocate from this morning, staff have found multiple areas of the Park overflowing with water and white rapids of water rushing through the Park’s waterfalls and creeks.

Staff will continue to be all hands-on deck as they protect and relocate animals if necessary and ensure everyone is safe as they prepare for a wet week ahead.