Since Olaf made his first debut back in July this year, he’s melted hearts all over the world. From being the first koala joey to emerge from the pouch in this year’s breeding season to going viral online with his world-famous mum, Elsa, the fluffly bundle of joy has quickly became a favourite here at the Park, and now he’s turning one!

To celebrate the important day, Olaf was showered with extra love in a ‘koala-party’ and given all the cuddles he could ever want. After the occasion, Olaf was spotted fast asleep with his mum after all the excitement! Soon enough, Olaf will become a crucial part of the Australian Reptile Park’s koala breeding program.

Keeper Hayley Shute, the Park’s resident koala whisperer, said “It melts my heart to see that Olaf is thriving and learning the ropes on how to be a koala. I often get a bit emotional seeing that he’s growing up so quickly considering it feels like not that long ago, that I was caring for his mother, Elsa!”

Ms. Shute continued, “Elsa & Olaf have spread so much joy to everyone all over the world but most importantly, has raised awareness for koalas. As a species in peril, they need our help now more than ever. Koalas are estimated to be extinct by 2050 and we need all of the help we can get protecting these amazing animals. We know this duo has made an impact on people and we love sharing their story with the world.”

Proud of being an active supporter of wildlife conservation, The Australian Reptile Park continues to breed their koalas in an effort to help boost population numbers for the endangered species and educate Australians about koalas. The wildlife sanctuary located on the Central Coast of New South Wales also hopes this heightened awareness helps protect the species from extinction.