Pixie the Koala melted hearts all over the world back in 2021 when she first made her debut into the world via a series of adorable videos posted to social media. After Pixie’s mother fell ill in June 2021, keepers quickly stepped in to rescue the helpless koala joey. Australian Reptile Park Director, Tim Faulkner, immediately stepped into the role of surrogate parent and provided round-the-clock care to the tiny joey. Luckily, the NSW lockdown provided Tim the perfect opportunity to tend to the then 300-gram bundle of joy with Tim working many days from home.

It did not take long for Pixie’s popularity to reach new heights with several videos of the fluffy koala going viral. After the lockdown lifted in October 2021, visitors travelled from far and wide to personally meet Pixie the koala. She is beloved by anyone who meets her, and in her spare time loves sleeping, munching on fresh eucalyptus leaves, following keepers around the koala yard, and doing everything she can to get extra cuddles and kisses.

To celebrate the important day, Pixie was showered with extra love in a ‘koala-party’ and given all the cuddles she could ever want. After the occasion, Pixie was spotted fast asleep after all the excitement!

Australian Reptile Park Director, Tim Faulkner, Pixie’s adoptive ‘mum’, said “It melts my heart to see Pixie thriving, considering the first time we met she was at risk of not making it. I look at her happy and healthy on her first birthday surrounded by everyone, enjoying all the attention and I get a bit emotional that she’s growing up!”

Mr Faulkner continued, “Pixie has spread so much joy to everyone all over the world but most importantly has raised awareness for koalas as a species in peril that needs our help now more than ever. Koalas are estimated to be extinct by 2050 and we need all of the help we can get protecting these amazing animals. We know Pixie made an impact on people and we love sharing her story with the world.”

Now 3kg, the koala joey is thriving under the care of keepers at the Australian Reptile Park. She currently resides in one of the many koala yards at the Australian Reptile Park and is frequently spotted by visitors front and centre either enjoying a deep sleep or eating some fresh leaves for lunch. In the next few years, Pixie will join the crucial koala breeding program at the Australian Reptile Park.