HO HO HO! Although he may have to make his way around the world Christmas Eve, Santa has been spotted at The Australian Reptile Park dropping in early to get some cuddles with the animals and surprise them with special treats! In addition, as a special request from the zookeepers, Santa helped with special tasks around the Park in the lead up to the Christmas Day!

Parking his sleigh outside the park, he made his way inside with his sack full of goodies for all the animals and a job wishlist from the keepers at the world famous Central Coast wildlife sanctuary. Whether it was feeding leaves to Elsa the koala or giving Lizzie the wombat her bottle – the animals were all incredibly happy to receive their special gifts! Most notably, Santa was brave enough to take on the task of milking a xxx as a part of the Reptile Park’s lifesaving antivenom program!

Santa laughed his jolly laugh, “I love Australian animals so much! Australia has all sorts of different and dangerous wildlife, I would have spent all day there but I have so much left I need to finish before Christmas!” but did not hesitate to jump in and get his white gloves dirty.

Santa noted his time at the Australian Reptile Park was his favourite trip so far but would not let his reindeer anywhere near Elvis the crocodile’s enclosure! The feisty reptile chased Santa after he delivered his present and joked that, “Mrs Claus would be proud of all the exercise I have done at the Reptile Park today!”

After a full day of spending time with the animals and spreading Christmas cheer, Santa bid farewell to the Australian Reptile Park. He said he would be back in Australia on Christmas Eve and is so excited to bring gifts to all the little boys and girls of Australia. After all, he feels like the most dangerous job is done!