Happy Halloween! Animals at the Australian Reptile Park – both cute and scary – have appeared in a cheeky video presented by the Central Coast wildlife sanctuary to celebrate the spooky holiday!

Featuring carved pumpkins, fun props and some scaly creatures; the video includes many of the iconic favourite residents at The Australian Reptile Park, including real devils (Tasmanian devils of course), Hugo the Galapagos tortoise and viral superstar Elsa the koala. All animals can be seen getting into the true spirit of Halloween, it’s impossible for the hairs on the back of your neck not to stand up as you see the diamond pythons slither through the decorations!

Director of the Australian Reptile Park Tim Faulkner said, “We have become well known here for getting into the spirit of Halloween! We’re always looking for the chance to talk about and showcase the creepy crawlies and deadly animals here, as well as our cute and fluffy mammals, and what better day than Halloween to celebrate them! It’s the scariest day of the year!”

Faulkner continues, “More importantly, if a cute video like this reaches the right people and encourages them to learn about our koalas, snakes, Tasmanian devils or any of Australia’s native wildlife – that’s considered a huge win for me!” The videos also feature various residents of sister charity, Aussie Ark. Such as the Eastern quolls and Rufous bettongs.

The fun video celebrates the exciting animals that call the Australian Reptile Park home and works as great enrichment for the animals. Pumpkin is a special treat for many of the animals as they enjoy the different smells, taste and look of the festive treat.