Love is truly in the air this Valentine’s Day as the Australian Reptile Park celebrates the love amongst its cutest couples and reflects on a successful past year for its breeding programs. Keepers have their rose-coloured glasses on as they watch the resident couples interact with each other and warm the hearts of visitors.

The Central Coast wildlife park has released a video to celebrate the romantic occasion, featuring dingo couple Fred and Adina, Kangaroo couple Bruce and Roger, Echidnas Spike, Dianna and Ernie and the official Cutest Couple Ever – Basil and Clover the quokkas.

Keepers at the Australian Reptile Park have been inspired by the love shared between Fred and Adina as through the highs and lows, their love has stayed true. Over the years, Fred and Adina have had beautiful litters of puppies and proven themselves to be nurturing parents.

Basil and Clover the quokkas are one of the smallest couples at the Park, but this doesn’t stop them from sharing a big love that visitors and keepers can’t help but adore. Staff at the Australian Reptile Park are hoping to see babies in the future from these two as their relationship continues to develop.

The Australian Reptile Park has had very successful endeavours in love over this past year which has stolen the hearts of the nation. The resident Komodo dragon pair are expecting a clutch of eggs to hatch in just a few months, being the first Australian Komodo dragons to ever lay eggs successfully in Australia. Hugo and Estrella, the famous Galapagos tortoise couple, finally met after meeting in 2019 via Tinder and have been loved up ever since.

Australian Reptile Park Director Tim Faulkner expressed, “It’s always wonderful watching our resident couples interact with each other. The affection and love shared between each pairing is truly beautiful and inspiring.”

“We’ve been really lucky this year to have so much success in love. There’s so much to celebrate this Valentine’s Day!” Mr Faulkner concluded.

Guests can visit the couples at the Australian Reptile Park and see what love is all about this Valentine’s Day. The couples are easy to spot as they often found snuggling up together.