The Australian Reptile Park aims to be accessible and inclusive for people of all abilities.

We have accessible parking spaces, ramps and bathrooms available. Service dogs are permitted in certain areas of the Park. Please call Reception on (02) 4340 1022 to discuss before your visit. The Park has been assessed by the Better Access Map project. To view their accessibility guide for the Australian Reptile Park, please click here.

Wheelchair access

Most areas of the Australian Reptile Park are accessible via wheelchair. Our paths are wide and made of concrete or grass with some bark paths. The path beyond the Main Park Area (through the Koala Enclosures and beyond), has varying gradients, terrain and uneven ground. The majority of animals in our exhibits are visible for wheelchair users, either through fencing, windows or over the top of barriers.

Please note the following measurements of barriers, fences and viewing windows of the noted exhibits:

Elvis the Crocodile 6 viewing windows in barrier (2m long, 85cm from ground, 30cm viewing space). Grandstand does not have wheelchair access.
Koalas Photo yard is accessible, barriers are 1.1m high and have no viewing windows. The top level of a viewing platform is accessible from the pathway next to Alligator Lagoon.
Komodo Dragons Barrier is 85cm high and then has glass to the ceiling.
Lace Monitors 1 viewing window in barrier (65cm from ground, 30cm viewing space).
Lost World of Reptiles Height of viewing through glass varies from 65-100cm, depending on the enclosure.
Nocturnal House Ramp access for entry and exit. Viewing through glass from 80cm from ground.
Outdoor Reptile Pits Barrier is 95cm high and has no viewing windows.
Echidnas Barrier is 85cm high and has no viewing windows.
Show Pit No viewing windows. Barrier is 85cm at its lowest section (side adjacent to Alligator Lagoon). Grandstand does not have wheelchair access.
Spider World Funnel-web spider milking viewing window starts at 95cm high. A live-feed TV is mounted above the window.
Tasmanian Devils 3 viewing windows in barrier (55cm from ground, 30cm viewing space). Grandstand does not have wheelchair access.
Undercover Area Same level access from main path.
Wombat  2 viewing windows at the far left (65cm from ground, 45cm viewing space.
Yellow-footed Rock Wallabies No viewing windows. Barrier is 95cm at its lowest section

Wheelchair hire is available free of charge for visitors who need assistance. When hiring a wheelchair, you will be asked to leave photo identification with Reception.

Limited wheelchairs available. If you’re planning a visit and would like to hire a wheelchair, please call Reception on 02 4340 1022 and provide the date of your visit so that a chair can be put aside for you.

Accessible bathroom

An accessible unisex bathroom is located between the Hard Croc Café and Frog Hollow, near the Elvis the crocodile exhibit. The bathroom has a toilet (450mm high), transfer rails, basin with wheelchair access underneath and a child change table.


There is ample seating to stop and rest throughout the Park. Picnic tables are situated throughout Main Park Area and Undercover Area and benches are available along the balcony of main building, near the Show Pit and at the Bush Birds aviary on the Nature Walk.

Assistance animals are welcome

Service animals are welcome at the Australian Reptile Park, in all areas except the Main Park Area. This is due to our free-range kangaroos in this area. Upon entry to the Park, the service animal must be declared to Reception staff and documentation must be provided. Please call Reception on (02) 4340 1022 to discuss before your visit.

Free entry for carers

The Australian Reptile Park offers free entry for carers accompanying a person with a disability when they present their NSW Companion Card. The person with a disability can enter at our discounted Concession rate (when a concession card is shown).

Sensory considerations

For visitors with sensory disorders that would prefer a less crowded experience, we recommend visits either early (when the Park opens at 9am or after 2pm on a weekday (excluding school and public holidays).

Some of our exhibits include features that may become overwhelming to someone with a sensory disorder. These include:

  • The Lost World of Reptiles & Spider World – loud sound effects and animatronics. Features strong strobe lighting effects throughout the exhibit
  • Nocturnal House – dim lighting for our nocturnal species
  • Open air aviaries – free flying birds may fly close to you
  • Lorikeet feeding – Wild lorikeets feed daily at 12pm and 3pm in the Main Park Area. This can be very loud with lorikeet screeching.

Do you have a question about accessibility?

If you have any queries about accessibility at the Australian Reptile Park, please call reception on (02) 4340 1022 or contact us before your visit.