At the Australian Reptile Park, our aim is to make education fun and interactive for all students who visit.

For on-site excursions to the Australian Reptile Park, we offer curriculum-based School Shows, tailored for students from Early Stage 1 through to Stage 3.

A primary school excursion to the Australian Reptile Park will assist students in learning key concepts for the ‘Living World’ component of the Science & Technology K-6 Syllabus.

Each show is highly engaging for students with hands-on animal interaction to complement key learning outcomes and teachers to a Stage-specific digital toolkit for in-class learning.

School Shows are included in the cost of entry for excursions.

Excursion Showtimes for 2024

Monday to Friday: 10:00am & 12:30pm

Excursion Pricing

Children – $16.99 each
See below for adult entry details

School Shows at the Australian Reptile Park

Australian Reptile Park Entrance

LIVING WORLD – EARLY STAGE 1 (Pre-School & Kindy)

‘The Living World’

A focus on living things, their characteristics, needs, behaviours, and the environment in which they live.

An introduction to the natural world, offering an overview of various animals, highlighting their features, diet and how they find shelter. This show features mammals, birds and reptiles.

LIVING WORLD – STAGE 1 (Years 1-2)

‘Lively Life Cycles’

A focus on the features of living things, their environment and how they change and reproduce.

Aimed at students in Stage 1, this show provides an overview of animal features with a focus on life cycles. This show features amphibians, mammals, birds and reptiles.

LIVING WORLD – STAGE 2 (Years 3-4)

‘Bizarre Behaviours’

A focus on the classification, life cycles and survival of living things.

An in-depth look at specific behavioural traits of animals and how they use them to survive and thrive in the living world. This show features amphibians, mammals, arachnids, birds and reptiles.

LIVING WORLD – STAGE 3 (Years 5-6)

‘Awesome Adaptations’

A focus on the growth and survival of living things and how their adaptations over time suit their environment

A close look at how animals use adaptations to survive in their environment, with a specific focus on the Tasmanian devil. This show features mammals, birds and reptiles.

We understand the importance of child safety here at the Australian Reptile Park. We have tailored a ratio to ensure all children can be adequately supervised on our premises. To assist is facilitating this, we have a ratio system in which a certain number of adults are allowed free entry to supervise the students dependant on age. The ratios are as follows:

  • Preschool & Kindergarten – 1 adult for every 5 children
  • Years 1-6 – 1 adult for every 8 children

Additional adults are able to accompany the school for a reduced rate of $43.99 per person.


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“The students had a great day seeing first-hand Australia’s native animals. They enjoyed the show and the experience of seeing the animals up close and getting to touch them as well. The staff were friendly, and the overall experience was fantastic.”

Girraween, St Anthony’s Primary

“It was a fabulous day for teachers, parents and students. It is very relaxing for teachers, as the Park is well set out and many staff are available to talk to and explain the animals. The children were kept very busy with the many exhibits you have to offer.”

Point Clare Public School

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