Lost World of Reptiles

Entry to the Lost World of Reptiles can only be gained through the gaping jaws of a 30-metre-long model crocodile. Just inside the croc mouth, a spooky Egyptian mummy welcomes visitors through to the exhibits.

Explore the depths of the Lost World of Reptiles and discover a wide collection of reptiles including Australia’s most venomous snakes, a Reticulated Python, green iguanas as well as various snake, lizards, crocodilians, turtles and tortoises.

Sensory Considerations: This exhibit features flashing lights, loud sounds and animatronics.

Spider World

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about spiders – including a sneak peek into our lifesaving spider milking venom room. Spider World provides an interactive and educational experience for kids and grownups alike with hands-on displays and a GIANT funnel-web spider.

Make sure you catch our daily funnel-web spider milking show and learn about the process of turning spider venom into lifesaving antivenom.

Sensory Considerations: This exhibit features flashing lights, loud sounds and animatronics.

Elvis the Saltwater Crocodile

Arriving at the Park in September of 2007, Elvis has been dubbed “Australia’s Crankiest Crocodile”. Elvis was originally from Darwin in the Northern Territory, but he was removed from the wild as he was attacking fishing boats in Darwin Harbour.

In December 2011, Elvis lost two teeth during an attack on park staff and their lawnmowers. He is always wowing visitors to the Park at feeding time when he shows off his aggression towards the keepers and his food.

Dragon’s Lair

Kraken and Daenerys are the resident Komodo dragons in Dragon’s Lair. Fully immerse yourself within the ancient Indonesian temple and have a close encounter with the species, known as the world’s largest lizard.

After experiencing the steamy temperatures of their enclosure, you may even get up close and personal with the pair on their daily walks around the Park!

Alligator Lagoon

The Australian Reptile Park has the largest population of American alligators in Australia. They are kept in our large naturalistic lagoon, with close to 40 adult alligators living harmoniously together in a manner that isn’t possible with their more aggressive relatives, Australian crocodiles.

Our lagoon is very similar to their natural environment and the climate we experience here on the Central Coast which mirrors that of the everglades. As a result, our alligators breed alligators successfully every season.

Eric’s Nature Walk

Eric’s Nature Walk is set in a beautiful bushland setting and features our Nocturnal House, an aviary filled with gorgeous native birds as well as an interactive display of a typical frog pond.

The walk is named after the beloved saltwater crocodile, Eric, who was the Park’s main attraction between 1989 and 2007 and a memorial for Eric is located within the Walk. It also features some beautiful native plants, including the spectacular local species of waratah.

Nocturnal House

Step into the dark depths of our Nocturnal House as we showcase some of Australia’s most unique and endangered nocturnal species. See if you can catch the quick critters as they zoom around their enclosure!

The first Nocturama in the Southern Hemisphere was built at the Wyoming Australian Reptile Park in the early 1970s by Eric Worrell. Our new Nocturnal House is a fitting tribute to this great naturalist and our founder.

Frog Hollow

Venture into Frog Hollow and discover our fascinating frog species, which have each adapted ingeniously for survival in a wide variety of locations. Our displays include frog species native to Australia, as well as giving visitors the chance to see the infamous cane toad.

Get ready to have a toad-ally ribbit-ing experience!

Platypus House

Our Platypusary is home to our resident Platypus, Yaro and an array of native birds and fish. Visitors enjoy an intimate encounter with the mysterious platypus in its captivating nocturnal creek habitat, complete with waterfall.

A complicated set of burrowing tunnels connect Yaro’s nocturnal creek to an outdoor pond set up with nest boxes.

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