The Australian Reptile Park are thrilled to announce that Adina and Fred, the gorgeous dingo power couple, are expecting puppies! After a trip to Somersby Animal Hospital and an ultrasound, the good news had been confirmed with it looking like the couple are about to be blessed with 4 new family members! The pair had been spotted mating previously and keepers are ecstatic with the exciting news. After returning home, keepers made sure to congratulate the pair with lots of cuddles, kisses and snacks.

Proud of being an active supporter of wildlife conservation, the Australian Reptile Park continues to breed their dingos in an effort to educate Australians about the importance of the species and their role within the Australian ecosystem. The Central Coast wildlife sanctuary also hopes this heightened awareness helps protect the species from extinction and to help dispel the myth that the dingo is a dangerous pest.

“Adina is a special girl and the most incredible mother; we are so excited to see her meet her new babies and introduce them to the world as key ambassadors for their species!” said Tim Faulkner, Director at the Australian Reptile Park.

Faulkner goes on to explain, “The dingo plays a very important role in the Australian ecosystem. Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate on earth due to habitat destruction, agriculture, and most importantly, feral foxes and cats feeding on mammals that are in the critical weight range of five kilos or less. We look forward to the dingo puppies to join the Australian Reptile Park family to help us raise that awareness that’s so crucial to Australia.”

Sadly, it is a common occurrence to see dingoes being blasted, baited, tracked, shot and hunted in the wild because of their perceived damage to agriculture. However, killing dingoes removes them from the ecosystem, allowing feral foxes and cats to continuously predate on our native animals and increase the rate of mammal extinction.

Mr Faulkner continued, “Dingoes are truly an iconic Australian species that are at the heart and soul of this country, and puppies are the perfect way to help raise awareness of their importance, because who doesn’t love cute puppies?”

The Australian Reptile Park’s staff are excitedly counting down the days before they see those cute little faces!