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Meet a cuddly koala!

Get up close and personal with our cuddly resident koalas here at the Australian Reptile Park during our koala encounter. During this unforgettable experience, you’ll be able to pat some of our koalas. Our Keepers will also take you on a tour of our koala yards, where you’ll learn about these fascinating creatures, what challenges they’re facing in the wild and how we’re doing our part to ensure that we don’t lose this Aussie icon.

What’s Included?

  • Meet and pat some of our friendliest koalas
  • Learn about koalas from an experienced Keeper
  • Take amazing photos to remember the experience forever

Koala Encounter Details

  • Price: $90 (does not include park admission)
  • Session time: Daily at 10:30am
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Age limit: For ages 4 years+
  • Group limit: Max. 6 people per session

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our animal encounter prices do not include general admission to the Park. Admissions tickets can be purchased in your checkout.

Our Animal Encounters can be booked for people ages 4+. Please note that participants under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who has also paid for the experience and purchased entry tickets.

Suitable and comfortable clothing and footwear must be worn on the day. We recommend long pants to avoid any scatches.

If at the time of your encounter there is extreme weather or other conditions, the encounter will be cancelled to ensure the wellbeing of our animals.

Bookings for Animal Encounters are non-refundable. In the event that you cannot attend your booked time, we will endeavour to arrange another time, subject to availability.

“I visited the park with a few friends and paid for the Koala encounter, if you have a soul and like cute baby koalas it is a must.”

Dylan N

“Would highly recommend doing an animal encounter as it is a once in a life time experience.”

Jacqui O


  1. Koalas are in fact NOT bears! They’re marsupials and closely related to wombats and kangaroos than bears
  2. They can sleep up to 18 hours a day. Since their diet is low in nutrients, they sleep most of the day to conserve their energy
  3. Koalas can only eat eucalyptus leaves