The Australian Reptile Park is excited to announce the arrival of a new species to their collection. Thanks for the support of their sister organisation, Aussie Ark, the Park has welcomed two long-nosed potoroos. The long-nosed potoroo is a small, nocturnal marsupial, native to the south-east coast of Australia. With its unique appearance and elusive nature, visitors to the Park can now admire this rare animal up close in the Nocturnal House exhibit from 10am to 4pm every day.

The first-time arrival of this species comes just in time for the Park’s campaign, Conservation Month. From 1 – 31 March, The Australian Reptile Park and its sister conservation organisation, Aussie Ark, are teaming up to raise awareness for the ongoing protection, breeding and rewilding of some of Australia and the world’s most endangered and threatened species.

Between the two organisations, iconic wildlife such as the Tasmanian Devil, Koala and Komodo Dragons, are thriving through breeding programs that build insurance populations, creating a long-term future for the species in their collective care.

Director of the Australian Reptile Park and President of Aussie Ark, Tim Faulkner, is thrilled to welcome the long-nosed potoroo to the park’s collection. “We are proud to have these two bundles of joy join our family here at the Australian Reptile Park,” Faulkner said. “This species is an important part of Australia’s unique biodiversity, and we are excited to share it with our visitors during Conservation Month!”

Mr Faulkner continued, “We hope that giving visitors the chance to learn and observe vulnerable species like the long-nosed potoroo, that they will leave the Park with a greater appreciation for how diverse and incredible our Australian wildlife truly is.”