The Australian Reptile Park and Wildlife Sanctuary
Meet Hugo the galapagos tortoise Pet a friendly, fluffy wombat Have a picnic with a family of star tortoises Meet a cuddly  koala - so cute you'll die! Oooo... It's a snake! Bilby Cute little Devils A tastey meal Play in the park

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Although the Australian Reptile Park maintains and displays a wide range of Australian mammals and birds, reptiles reign supreme. The Park holds one of the largest collections of reptiles in the country, both native and non-native, many of which are exhibited in the award-winning Lost World of Reptiles. Many additional specimens are maintained behind-the-scenes, and are important in research and breeding activities. Additionally, several hundred specimens of dangerously venomous snakes are maintained in the venom production unit - housed in a separate building., which are used to extract venom for the production of the life-saving antivenom. Some 300 lives are saved each year by this product. A small proportion of the species at the Park are covered in the pages listed below:

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